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Predictive Analytics Solutions

Predictive Analytics Solutions is the technical backbone of Northlet. In prediction, we are concerned in creating software to make unknown quantities visible in order to create a competitive advantage for your business. Predicting the future purchasing behavior of customers is one of the examples, where we make things visible.

Smart Software Components

We design and implement software components for intelligent decisions as part of a larger software system. Typically, the smart software component interacts with sensor data or other types of measurements, and delivers unknown quantities, predictions or recommendations to the user. We anticipate the largest number of deployments in interconnected embedded devices (IoT), especially in the health and wellbeing applications.

Data Analysis Consulting and Services

We partner with companies with interest in deriving organizational benefit from data and help in finding the right ways of analyzing their data, and even in finding the right talent for their data science operations. We can be part of your data science team in mentoring and in professional training functions.